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Highlights of Major Accomplishments
EETAP3 divided its activities into three areas: Professional Development, Advancing Environmental Education, and Reaching Diverse Audiences. Programmatic goals within each area reflect the priorities of EETAP3—and the field of environmental education. During the last year, great strides were made within each program area; these accomplishments range from integrating EE into preservice teacher preparation and training thousands of educators in EE methods to helping states develop environmental literacy plans and identifying effective strategies for reaching diverse audiences. Highlights within each program area include:

Advancing EE

EETAP delivered environmental education training, services and resources to education professionals across the U.S. We have advanced environmental education with guidelines, standards, accreditation, and certification. We have used Internet technology to deliver courses, information and resources, and we have reached educators who serve ethnically diverse and low-income communities.

Professional Development

Helping education professionals develop their abilities to teach fairly and effectively about complex environmental issues was a priority for EETAP3. In Year 5, consortium partners delivered professional development through in-person and online workshops and courses to 4,708 education professionals and EE leaders working in schools and other settings.

Reaching Diverse Audiences

Another EETAP3 priority was helping education professionals develop the knowledge and skills needed to work more effectively with audiences traditionally underserved by EE. These audiences are wide-ranging, including African and Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and conservation managers.

Read about the most notable achievements within each program area during Year 5 by following the links on the left or below.