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Issues Associated with Nonformal Environmental Education Certification (2009)
This study was designed to gauge the interest among nonformal environmental educators, their employers, and college/university trainers in certification, the various dimensions of value which they ascribe to certification, and their thoughts about how it might best be implemented. Questions regarding the likelihood of seeking certification, the level of support for developing certification programs, and degree of influence certification might have on hiring practices guided the study. Four populations of respondents were surveyed: nonformal EE practitioners, NAAEE affiliate liaisons, employers of nonformal environmental educators, and college/university faculty. Findings suggest that support for certification varies among these populations. The report identifies six recommendations and details suggested steps to help stakeholders advance development and implementation of state environmental educator certification programs. The data also suggest that certification programs should be considered in the larger and more strategic context of state capacity building.

Click below to read the Executive Summary (PDF) of the study (first document).

Click below to read the complete study (PDF) (second document).