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Delivering Culturally Relevant EE to Diverse Audiences
In Year 5, EETAP3 supported four distinct efforts to help organizations become more inclusive. (1) UWSP, Intercambios (a binational, bicultural consulting group), and three EE organizations continued to work together to develop strategies to assist organizations to become more inclusive. Lessons learned from this Inclusiveness Pilot Initiative were shared at the 2009 NAAEE conference and online. (2) NAAEE conducted cultural diversity training for 29 members representing its board, staff, and Diversity Committee to help further the Association’s commitment to increasing diversity and inclusiveness. (3) Sixty-one environmental educators participated in a webinar during which three environmental educators shared their journeys to become more inclusive and the opinion piece, It’s Tough to Be Inclusive, was discussed. (4) EETAP3, Intercambios, and Affiliates Network leadership developed a project concept to help Affiliates become more inclusive that will be used to help find support for future inclusiveness work.

Five installments were added to the EETAP EE and Cultural Diversity Information Installments on the NAAEE Web site. Visitation to the site increased by 135% over Year 4 to 58,794 visits in Year 5. In addition, 38 scholarships to attend the NAAEE conference were awarded in 2009 and 2010 to environmental educators who work with diverse audiences and live and/or work in diverse communities, benefitting the recipients and exposing all conference participants to perspectives, programs, and approaches that otherwise would not have been part of their experience. 

NAAEE’s Environmental Justice Commission conducted environmental justice tour/workshops at the 2009 and 2010 NAAEE annual conferences, attended by a total of 45 participants. A leading spokesperson for global indigenous peoples presented a keynote address to 500 participants at the 2010 NAAEE conference, addressing topics that included environmental justice and climate change.