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Education and the Environment: Partners for Change (2006)
Schools from Florida to Washington are using environmental education to find creative ways to address political and economic performance pressures. They're demonstrating that important and engaging environmental themes can breathe life into academics while meeting the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act 2001.

Environmental education and education reform share many of the same goals, as exemplified in "Partners for Change," a richly descriptive article that illustrates how environmental education can bring about systemic change.

Click below to read about four exemplary schools, working in especially effective partnerships with nonformal education organizations, that are realizing lofty education goals—with the backing of teachers, administrators, and state education department officials. See how interdisciplinary, hands-on, project-based learning is replacing traditional, compartmentalized instruction at Clay County High School (Kentucky), Gove Elementary School (Florida), Hollywood Elementary School (Maryland), and Komachin Middle School (Washington).