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Promoting Electronic Access to Quality EE and Developing Technology Tools for EE
EETAP3 supported EE-Link (an Internet portal for EE information), EE-News (an online newsletter sent to 11,000 education professionals twice a month), EE-Jobs (an online job posting service that reaches more than 2,000 people each week), and a technology program that helps NAAEE Affiliates and other organizations build electronic networks. With 536,079 visits to the Web site in Year 5 alone, EE-Link is arguably the primary channel for reaching individuals new to EE. In a major move forward, NAAEE completed the first phase of what will be a complete restructuring of EE-Link—renamed EElinked Networks—that capitalizes on contemporary “social content” models, makes the site easier to use, and creates a vibrant online community. (EElinked Networks replaced EE-Link, EE-News, and EE-Jobs while adding capacity to build other networks focused on specific aspects of EE.)