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Reaching the Teachers: Integrating EE into Teacher Education Programs at Colleges and Universities (2009)
Can training in environmental education give tomorrow's teachers a competitive edge? Christine Moseley thinks so. She and her University of Texas-San Antonio teacher education colleagues have woven environmental education throughout their Interdisciplinary Studies program. Moseley says this approach offers students skills, knowledge, and local resources that help them hit the ground running as graduating teachers.

Across the country, environmental educators are reaching out to preservice teachers, and to the faculty members and administrators who determine what those aspiring teachers learn. Brenda Weiser, professor of science education at the University of Houston at Clear Lake sees these efforts as a way of creating leverage for the field of environmental education, pointing out that one teacher may educate, inspire, and influence thousands of students in the course of a career.

Reaching the Teachers: Integrating Environmental Education into Teacher Education Programs at Colleges and Universities describes a variety of ways in which environmental educators are weaving EE into the fabric of preservice education.